I want to use this blog for writing about my research projects that lie somewhere within the field of digital humanities. I’m a literary scholar, book historian, and philologist by training with a keen interest in coding, scripting and computational problem solving. I aim for publishing a post every other week, let’s see if I stick to it!

I wrote this “About” page when I started the blog in 2014 – and oh was I ambitious! I managed to write four posts, but put one of them into draft-mode again because I was not happy with it.

Now it is time to re-think and re-conceptualize what I can use this blog for. I definitely want an outlet for writing about various DH-related things, but mainly those that I come across in my job as senior academic librarian for digital research methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences. I would like to have a mix of publication reviews, tool reviews, conference/workshop reviews, news about important changes in the DH-world of associations, organisations, and institutions, especially with a focus on Oslo, Norway, the Nordic Countries, and Europe. And I will try to write up some posts about my research in DH, even though for two of my major projects there are dedicated blogs already.

Let’s see!